Oct 11th 2017

Automation Increases Performance

The flow of materials at a pre-packed meat producer has been automated from the end of the production line where the packaging begins to the despatch to the customer.

Previously goods were manually handled, but today the introduction of robotics, conveyor systems, and improved end of line packaging technology and clever software brings the processes together.

The software technology arranges and keeps an eye on the machines, including two automatic crate storages, robot units, and four automatic weigh labelling lines with connected sorters, a dispatch warehouse and the connecting conveyor system.

“We deliver a vast range of products to about 1,200 supermarkets,” said the companies managing director. “The logistics system helps us to pick and deliver even small quantities in an efficient manner. We have nearly doubled our output, sometimes to more than 100,000 packages per day,” he continues. “We would never have achieved such growth rates without the new logistics system, which was established in the existing buildings without any major staff increase.”

A systems integrator based in the Northwest of the UK is able to provide OEE services, conveying, conveyor modifications and end of line packaging machinery that includes robotics to deliver similar clever production lines. The company has over twenty five years’ experience in delivering efficiencies to FMCG industry companies. They have formed strategic alliances with leading robotic manufacturers to ensure savings and future-proof solutions are available.

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