Oct 11th 2017

Brewery Conveyor H&S Issues

One of Britain’s oldest breweries has been ordered to pay a substantial amount for failings in its safety.

An incident occurred when a worker suffered a severed finger from the unguarded machine when cleaning it. The employee slipped, resulting in the instinctive movement of putting his arm out to steady himself, but his hand came into contact with the operating parts. His hand was then drawn down by a sprocket at the end of a conveyor.

The H&S executive found that the brewer had failed to ensure staff could not access dangerous moving parts of the machine, although the area surrounding the unit was protected. The employee had used a maintenance gate that was not locked to get access to the area where he slipped.

A packaging engineering solutions provider is able to provide engineering maintenance and review of machinery to ensure H&S standards are achieved. The experienced engineers are able to identify, review and initiate repairs to bring conveying systems up to higher standards of OEE and safety. Where necessary modifications can be made and new equipment integrated into a line with an existing upgraded conveyor. This type of works has been carried out over the past twenty five years by the company and they are an approved Safecontractor company.

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