Oct 1st 2017

Canning Line Installation

A London based craft brewer has commissioned possibly the first conveyor canning line operation for a craft brewery.
The brewery has acquired a compact 53 can per minute line from a Canadian company. The brewer has aspirations to have their entire product range in cans, but at the initial start-up was just a project too many.
A company director said. As far as we are aware we are going to be the only craft brewer in the UK who’s going to have their entire core range in can in one go.
He cited several advantages for cans over bottles  improved beer stability, with protection from light and minimal oxygen pick-up; economic advantages in logistics with cans both lighter and easier to pack on a pallet; and the environmental plus of the infinite recyclability of aluminum.
The brewery has gone to the expense of its own line in order to ensure product quality. With the brewery only needing to operate the line twice a week to satisfy its current requirements there is growth potential. Its estimated the total line investment, including ancillaries such as air compressors, and lab equipment to test can seams and product quality, at 250,000.
A local packaging engineering solutions provider is be able to project manage an installation of a canning or bottling line to other craft brewers. The experienced engineers are able to design conveyors, provide filling and labelling equipment through to end of line systems. They can project manage the whole operation by augmenting a small engineering staff or project managing the whole works bespoke to the client. The engineers have over twenty five years industry experience, and provide conveyors, conveyor modifications, maintenance, OEE and project solutions to blue chip companies across the UK and Ireland.

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