Case Filling Machines

At Packserve we have a whole host of packing solutions for businesses that require a unique function to be carried out. For example, the case filling machines that we provide are extremely unique in terms of the work carried out and how efficient they are.

We work with one of our principals J+P to ensure our clients only benefit from integrating the highest specification machinery into their packaging line.

Our case filling machines

Having over 30 years of experience in the packaging machine industry we understand the key problems that our clients face when trying to find a reliable case filling machine that can pack products to a high standard time and time again.

We understand that each product is different, and therefore we provide 3 case filling machines that meet the requirements of the majority of our customers.

Horizontal product presentation

For packaging lines that require products to be packed in a horizontal fashion we utilise one of two machines from J+P.

Model KF packs bags horizontally in cases or boxes, utilising a gravity principle both lengthwise and crosswise packing patterns can be achieved. This piece of flexible machinery can be combined with tray and case erectors that contribute to an overall more efficient packing process.

The other alternative is case filling Machine KP (Pick and place) where single products such as bags, boxes and blister packs can be packed horizontally into cases or boxes. Delta pickers are combined with smart camera technology to ensure accurate pick-up and a precise packing pattern. Where required this machine can also be combined with an erecting and closing/lid module.

Horizontal and vertical product presentation

If you require products to be packaged both horizontally and vertically the KVKF machine is the ideal solution.

With both horizontal and vertical product presentation feeds products at the correct orientation throughout the packing process. Utilising a gravity principal, the products are dropped into trays and cases accurately, they can also be packed lengthwise or crosswise.

The duo-functioning machine can also be combined with other machinery to produce an efficient and productive packaging line.

Vertical product presentation

J+P’s Model KV machine packs single products such as bags, boxes or blister packs vertically in cases or trays where required. As the product’s orientation is never changed a high fill level of product is guaranteed for each item.

The trays or boxes are re-erected and guided into the machine from an external source, this machine can be combines with tray and box erectors easily.

Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to know more about the case filling machinery that we are able to provide, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

We have existing client relationships with some of the most well-known brands across the world, having assisted them with improving their packing line.

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