Conveyor Accumulation

Conveyor accumulation improves packaging lines efficiency by collecting units of products together in events when production needs to be slowed down. These events most commonly include issues with machinery further down the packaging line, the conveyor slows down product feed to ‘hold back units’ to prevent the issue becoming larger.

At Packserve we have over 30 years of experience in implementing conveyor accumulation machinery for our clients. We listen to their requirements before making intelligent recommendations to improve their packaging lines as a whole.

Conveyor accumulation – The different types of conveyor

Minimum pressure
Often comprised of a roller that is belt driven, minimum pressure accumulation conveyors distribute the load which means when units are collected at the end of a line they are not damaged by the products upstream.

These conveyors can also be easily adjusted to alter the drive of the rollers, making them ideal for any product type.

Zero pressure
Using sensors to split the conveyor into different sections, zero pressure accumulators provide segregation into different areas for accumulation.

Using sensors to notify which product should be in each zone, these conveyors are ideal for businesses that have different weights/sizes or even different products that must be packaged together further down the line.

The photo sensors also prevent accumulated products from coming into contact with each other, which prevents units from becoming damaged and unusable.

Our conveyor accumulation services

All the recommendations that we make for our clients are based on research that we undertake into their existing packaging line. We work hard to ensure that our clients only benefit from the most specialist advice, which is why we assign a project lead as a single point of contact for the client.

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Working with clients across the world, our team have the experience and principals to ensure that your business’ packaging lines are as efficient as possible – without compromising on the quality of your products.

We specialise in a number of industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, health care, dairy and pet care. Whatever products that you manufacture, we will be able to create a comprehensive packaging solution for your business.

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We have been delivering exceptional packaging solutions to organisations from across the globe for over 30 years and therefore have an extensive knowledge of the packaging and production industry. Our dedicated team of professional engineers use this knowledge to design and build bespoke packaging solutions tailored to the requirements of any business’ specifications.

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