Sep 15th 2020

SIPA End-line packaging solutions

Here at Packserve, we supply a range of Sipa secondary packaging systems to a variety of sectors including, food processing, bottling, and chemical/pharmaceutical. With more than 50 years experience, Sipa are world leading in providing innovative and reliable systems, and so we feel proud to supply their machinery to our customers.

As product packaging evolves and there are increasing numbers of different sizes, shapes and types of packaging, end of line management is becoming increasingly important to maintain efficiency of the complete line and supply the demand. Below are some of the high performance systems that Sipa design and we can provide.

Palletizers and Depalletizers

This range includes machinery that is of the highest performance level on the market today, and so provides the best solution for end-line packaging that can handle:

  • Shrink-packs (palletizers only)
  • Cartons (palletizers only)
  • Crates
  • Loose containers (PET and glass)
  • Cans/Tins
  • Jars

Automatic palletizers moving pallet type

This system can be equipped with an empty pallet loading module to tackle logistical and spacing issues, maintaining high production needs with an output of up to 700 layers per hour.


This system can be integrated upstream of a palletizer to offer an alternative solution to conventional layering. It can consist of one or two robots that move synchronously with the conveyor to arrange the packs to be layered according to the selected layout to optimise productivity.

Active Layer

Another layering system that optimises low to medium speed palletization, which moves in accordance with the packs on the conveyor.

Automatic depalletizers steady pallet type

These systems are fully automated, feed onto chain or air conveyors, and can be multi-layered dependent on customer requirements. This was designed to be a flexible system that meets the specific production needs for each user. Through the customisation of the standard central unit with different heads and accessory modules, this system can reliably and efficiently handle packs even of the widest shapes.

Automatic depalletizers moving pallet type

Similarly to the above mentioned system, this system can be customised to the specific type of packaging that you are unloading using different heads. This was designed to meet high production needs of up to 400 layers per hour and is useful for solving spacing and logistical issues.

Robotic handling systems

An innovative solution for meeting packaging demands brings about the Robby systems. By integrating an anthropomorphous robotic arm, Sipa have developed an effective alternative to traditional package handling that can handle any type of container and serve multiple lines at the same time.

Robby PAL

A layer palletizer, row palletizer or multihead and loose product palletizer. Sipa have cleverly developed multiple gripper heads for different product types and all movement modes that can not only handle products but also other components such as empty pallets or display trays.

Robby RACK

A specific system for larger containers, such as 5 gallon bottles, to improve efficiency and productivity of these specific products. This system can be used for either palletizing, depalletizing or in combined cycles to simultaneously empty and fill the racks.

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