Oct 11th 2017

End of Line Improvements

A Cornish bakery is able to consider expansion to a second factory following improvements to its end of line production process.

They have installed a new flow wrap machine which has enabled the company to expand production almost six-fold at speeds of up to 80 units per minute. They have a growing range of wrapped products such as pasties, rolls and cakes all benefiting from the increased efficiency the new flow wrap machine has brought.

With the increased production rates the company has won new contracts. The flow wrapper is designed for bakery and food products, and installation of new, specialist pieces of equipment can allow companies to maximise new business opportunities and achieve growth.

Packaging engineering solutions provider is able to project manage and install new equipment to the end of the line to ensure companies maintain a competitive edge. They are able to install new conveying, modify existing conveying, install accumulation, palletising, end of line robotics and labelling machinery. The engineers have over 25 years’ experience in delivering projects safely, on time, and in budget. They are also able to augment existing engineering teams providing additional expertise for maintenance and OEE uplift keeping companies competitive and efficient.

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