Jun 19th 2019

Engineering Services Which we Provide at Packserve

At Packserve, not only can we provide outstanding project managers to overlook your ongoing projects, but we also provide a vast range of different services which can make the installation and modification processes much simpler tasks.  Some of the additional services which we provide include; maintenance, services, installation, and operational services.

Operational Services and Specification Sheets

We focus on specialising in improving efficiencies within FMCG packaging lines by providing line evaluations and work studies.  Through evaluating your work studies, we can establish the best approaches which will develop how your team works best.  Work studies are able to improve problem-solving, achieve operational efficiencies, reduce non-productive downtime, and set best working practices.  We can work with your managers to carry out both mechanical and people focussed improvements.  In addition to work studies we can also carry out line evaluations to test and monitor line conditions, ensuring that they are working to optimal efficiency.

We have created a variety of specification sheets which can aid in understanding how you would like your projects to be carried out, as well as highlight any improvements which you could benefit from making.  The specification sheets which we have developed can help with; carrying out a feasibility study, project design, training, documentations, and maintenance, commissioning, and reviewing.


Our maintanence programmes enable us to offer a bespoke service which is both cost effective, and production enhancing.  We offer a package which enables us to supply you with highly skilled engineers on demand. Our clients are charged for the technical work completed on an agreed hourly basis. Clients will receive a summary of the work carried out following our site visit.  This premium service provides a structured solution which is easily accessible from a user-friendly database. for more information on the service, visit the programmes  page on our website.

Maintenance and Service

We understand that maintenance can often feel like wasted time and an unnecessary cost however, this is not the case. Even the most highly developed machinery will require regular maintenance to ensure that it is working to maximum efficiency and running economically and efficiently.  Business outsourcing allows you to pass the worry of carrying out maintenance on your production and packaging lines, onto us. It also allows you to budget a fixed cost to reduce the chance of any unknown costs suddenly arising.

Once we have carried out your project, our extensive experience allows us to provide an excellent after sales service consisting of first-class engineering support. We can support your infrastructure by carrying out surveys and/or overhauls of mechanical equipment including:

  • Standard Machines
  • Plant Equipment
  • Bespoke Machinery
  • Production Units


We have access to the appropriate resources and expertise to complete even the largest and most complex mechanical instalations.  Not only can we provide swift installations, but also pay close attention to detail ensuring each installation is as precise as possible. Our ability to offer a safe, precise and fast service for all types of mechanical systems and structures within almost every industry and situation has put us at the vanguard of mechanical installations including:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Mechanical Handling System
  • Bespoke Systems
  • Machine and Plant

If you would like more information or to book any of our services for current or upcoming projects, contact us  today.

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