FiFo Accumulation

The main goal of every packaging and production company is to make sure that their production lines are performing at their full potential in order to have a streamlined manufacturing system. Because of this, many businesses are utilising First-in-First-out(FiFo) accumulation systems as a way of ensuring that their production line continues at maximum efficiency in the event of a disruption.

FiFo accumulation systems

FiFo accumulators enable production lines to run effectively and efficiently at all times balancing out production flow between machine centres, when sequential production is important. They reduce micro stops within the production process, increasing line efficiency which is vital for companies that are producing and packaging perishable products such as food and beverages.

Each FiFo accumulator is designed based on the individual requirements of every company to ensure that their specific production needs are met. The specifications of the accumulator are determined by a variety of factors including the required machine footprint, accumulation time required, and production speed.

The FiFoaccumulator has pressureless product handling for a variety of rigid and flexible container types, improving product quality reducing breakages and label damage through the zero pressure system.

How FiFo accumulation tables operate

Whenever product accumulation is required FiFo accumulators offer the ideal solution.

Products are removed from the main production line and conveyed into the accumulator in sequential single file. The size and width of the lanes are determined by the size of the products or packages being accumulated.

If there is a disruption to the packaging line downstream, the FiFo accumulator will automatically begin to load itself with product, preventing blockages within the packaging line and maintaining efficiency. The moment the disruption is resolved, the accumulator will unload the products back on to the original packaging line and production will continue as normal.

Why choose us to design, build and maintain your FiFo accumulation tables?

It’s our goal to assist companies located around the globe in improving the efficiency and productivity of their packaging lines. We have provided FiFo accumulators and other packaging solutions to businesses in a variety of industries including food, beverage, health care and pharmaceuticals and we have a portfolio that consists of some of the biggest brands in the world.

We understand that every organisation requires different packaging solutions in order to meet their own specific needs, which are why we develop bespoke systems for each of our clients.

Our team of professional and experienced engineers will work with you throughout the whole design and implementation process to ensure that your accumulator meets your expectations. After the system has been installed, our engineers will also continue to supply maintenance services to guarantee that your accumulator continuously performs at its maximum potential.

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