Flexible Conveyor Systems

All the conveyor systems we implement for our clients are different as we tailor them to the requirements of the task at hand.

Utilising flexible conveyors is not only a cost-effective solution for many companies, it is also vital for increasing the overall productivity and effectiveness of a packaging line. If you are looking for a flexible conveyor system for your manufacturing business, look no further than Packserve Limited.

Why use flexible conveyor systems?

Flexible conveyors allow products and packages to be transferred from built-in conveyor systems by moving and adjusting their shape to suit your exact needs. They can be used to transport loads from the end of static conveyors to truck beds, in turn, reducing the need for manual labour and increasing efficiency. Essentially, they create a temporary conveyor line precisely where one is required.

Flexible conveyors are portable and lightweight which ensures they can be transported from one place to another with ease. They compact to almost a quarter of their size making them easy to store and because of their adjustable legs, they are suited to a variety of heights.

Additionally, each flexible conveyor is self-tracking ensuring that packages follow the shape of the conveyor without side guides and they also have castors with breaks that lock the conveyor in place during use.

What types of flexible conveyor system are available?

Flexible gravity roller conveyors
Flexible gravity roller conveyors are suitable for low to medium volume packaging and assembly and are ideal for odd shaped packages and cartons.

Flexible powered roller conveyors
Flexible powered roller conveyors are suited to truck loading and unloading, shipping and receiving, packaging and mobile assembly lines and they minimise the need for manual labour.

Skatewheel conveyors
Skatewheel conveyors expand to fit assembly lines and packaging lines and are also ideal for loading and unloading trucks and containers. They assembled quickly and are easy to store.

Why choose us as your flexible conveyor system supplier?

Our team has been supplying top of the range, bespoke packaging solutions to major brands for over 30 years which means we have an extensive knowledge surrounding conveyor systems. Each of the packaging solutions we deliver are designed and built with our client’s requirements at the forefront and we work with each business throughout the process to ensure they are satisfied with the end result.

Furthermore, we also offer maintenance packages to all our clients in which one of our experienced and skilled engineers will ensure that your conveyor systems and packaging solutions consistently perform to their full potential.

Contact our team today

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