Oct 11th 2017

Food Manufacturer Expanding

A West Bromwich food manufacturer is investing almost £9M to expand its sauce manufacturing business.

The investment is in equipment which will improve efficiencies and improve productivity. A fully automated glass line will significantly boost manufacturing capability. The next phase of the venture will be a fully automated plastic line providing 70-75% extra capacity.

The family-owned company will be able to employ more workers to run additional shifts and boost output further, making 750 products from salsa dips to cooking sauces and supplying branded and own-label products. They also process glass jar, plastic bottles and sachet items for a number of major retailers.

A packaging engineering solutions provider would be able to assist this manufacturer in supplying the conveying, filling, accumulation, labelling, and end of line palletising. The company would benefit from the strategic alliances made to gain a competitive advantage and introduce cutting-edge technology into the glass and plastic lines proposed.

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