Mar 29th 2021

Hartness DYNAC Single File Helical Accumulator

As experienced system integrators, Packserve provide top quality packaging equipment expertly designed by the world-class manufacturer, Hartness

Hartness DYNAC accumulation systems are simple, intelligent solutions that dynamically control upstream and downstream product flow for consistent and pressure-less handling that can increase line efficiency and reduce product damage. Over 6500 systems have been installed worldwide with a typical efficiency improvement between 7%-15%.

To view the single-file helical system in operation, click the image below to watch the video. 

The DYNAC-centric line design is an innovative approach that…

  • Eliminates complicated line controls
  • Reduces footprint
  • Reduces labour
  • Efficiently and carefully conveys lightweight and pressure-sensitive products.
  • Machine centres operate independently
  • Supplies perfectly pitched products to downstream equipment.
  • Eliminates micro-stops that inhibits line efficiency.

Another feature that makes the DYNAC systems stand out is the Chain Cleaning System, which is a fully enclosed unit using 1000+ PSI to effectively remove all contaminants from the chain. The rinse cycle is operated from the control panel that can be activated as needed. These features provide superior cleaning to effectively maintain the system without having to do it manually.

The automatic dry lubrication system provides an optimal coefficient of friction between the product and chain top. Dry lubrication is also precisely applied to the base chain for an even smoother operation, while extending the life of the chain.

With these excellent new features, it provides a low maintenance, highly effective system that can handle products with all the required care.

DYNAC 6930

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