Mar 28th 2019

How Packserve Find the Best Options for You

At Packserve we are committed to always supplying you with the most accurate pieces of machinery possible.  That is why we go the extra mile to understanding the industry, as well as your specific requirements.  This ensures that you get the most effective outcome each and every time.  J+P share the same passion of supplying bespoke machinery which is tailored exactly to your needs, which is one of the main reasons why we choose to work so closely with them.

About J+P

J+P Maschinenbau is a German based business founded in Dresden in 1992.  J+P are specialists in creating bespoke end of line packaging machines and are currently focusing predominantly on the food industry. J+P has a reputation for being an especially innovative company who are consistently developing their products, ensuring that they are supplying the best end of line packaging machines available.  J+P is a relatively large business with over 60 employees working across a range of different areas;

  • Development
  • Project Planning
  • Machinery Sales
  • Design and Software
  • Production and Procurement
  • Assembly and Commissioning
  • Service support

This diverse range of staff demonstrates the extensive range of skills which are found throughout J+P.

Product Finder

J+P focus on supplying you with the best suited machinery, no matter how specific your criteria may be.  On the J+P website they have incorporated a product finder facility. This makes it even easier for you to narrow down the machinery available and find what is exactly right for you.  Initially, you have the option of inputting what type of product you would like to be packaged and then your desired cardboard or crate type.  The third criteria which you can submit is your preferred presentation type and once this information has been entered into the website, all of the possible solutions we have available will be suggested.

Types of End of Line Packaging Machines

J+P offer a wide range of different styles and types of machinery meaning that no matter your criteria, it is likely that we will be able to provide you with a range of different options.  Through J+P we supply:

  • compact end of line packaging machines
  • case filling machines
  • tray former/ lid applying machines
  • semi automatic machines
  • transport systems
  • assortment systems

Each of these machines have been developed and designed to carry out their job quickly and efficiently and to make your production line the highest quality that it can be.  We understand the importance of having an accurate production line which works effectively in conjunction with your products. This is why we supply a range of end of line packaging machines which can work with over 10 different product types including sachets, glasses, cartons, and bottles.  No matter how complex you may think your design brief is, visit our contact us page now for direct advice from our specialists here at Packserve.


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