Oct 11th 2017

Improved Productivity to Increase Output

Many companies in the UK face uncertain times ahead and although want to improve productivity want to minimise spend.

The UK’s productivity is under the microscope, not just by manufacturers but also by the government as it is increasingly important to make the most out of every pound spent. Relatively few companies actually invest to improve productivity; the trend is to focus on just increasing output by increasing overtime or adding additional lines to attain the desired productivity.

Companies, who would like to increase productivity, can also turn to Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) as an effective key performance indicator (KPI). For those who don’t currently measure OEE, some would be surprised at how simple some improvements can be without major investment. Small changes can make a difference almost immediately and OEE can identify where other longer-term measures can be project managed a sites/companies future plans.

A systems integrator based in Lancashire is able to provide OEE, project planning and engineer maintenance programmes that make a difference to productivity. They not only provide the engineering expertise gained over twenty five years within the industry; but are able to provide conveyor modification, end of line machinery and accumulation if required.

Some of the clients we work with...