Feb 28th 2019

J+P Machine Presentation

Some pieces of machinery are much harder to refine and perfect than others.  That is why, here at Packserve, we choose to work with J+P to provide you with the highest quality, as well as a wide variety of end of line packaging machines.

Currently J+P supply a piece machinery which is able to fill vertical glass containers with spices.  This bespoke piece of machinery is hard to construct and design as it is essential that it carries out the job as precisely as possible. This demonstrates our ability to provide solutions to even the most complex problems which you may have.

Not only is the machine designed to carry out the process as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but is also constructed in hygienic design. This ensures that the production process will comply with each of the health and safety regulations necessary. In addition to this, the machine also has LED operator guidance in a range of colours.  This enables you to have full control and understanding of what the machine is doing throughout the process.

This high speed piece of machinery is able to function at a rate of 160 glasses or 14 trays per minute.  Each of the glasses of packaged into trays of 5 rows of 2 glasses.

Product Stacker

Another style of complex machinery which we provide through J+P is the Product Stacker PS.  This is a semi- automatic piece of machinery which layers products carefully on top of each other.  The machinery does this by taking horizontally fed products, piling them on top of each other, and feeding them onto the conveyor.  The packaging of these products is then carried out manually however, is a much quicker process as it means they do not have to pick up and package each of the products individually. This saves a lot of time in the packaging process which may allow employees to be placed else where and carry out other jobs.  Dependent on the scale of your business, this also allows the potential to reduce the number of employees, saving you even more money.


We provide the Collator BR machinery which is also a semi automatic machine.  The Collator BR takes horizontally fed products and lines them up using a turret. This in turn creates a penny-stacked line of products, which can be assembled either on a fixed plate or on a conveyor belt. Similarly to the Product Stacker machines, packaging is then carried out manually however, the overall time taken to do this is reduced, as multiple products can be packaged at once.

Each of the product packaging machines supplied through J+P are designed to work efficiently and carry out their jobs as seamlessly as possible. This guarantees precise results each and every time.

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