May 15th 2024

Linear Blowing Solutions at Packserve

Packserve has been invited to explore blow moulding opportunities with an important international client. We are proposing the SFL linear blow moulding machine offered by SIPA which is the only highly flexible system present on the market. So, what is this machine…?

This is the state of the art of linear blow moulding technology. The innovative SFL linear blow moulding machine provides great flexibility in the production of a vast range of different types of containers.

The SFL range can produce standard and personalised bottles for standard filling, hot filling, oval bottles with shaped necks, lightweight bottles, small containers and large containers all at high production rates.

A number of innovative technical configurations are available for a wide range of applications at high productivities. The SFL represents the state of the art for linear blow moulding machines in terms of performance and reliability. Some of its main features include: high output (up to 1,800 bottles/hour/cavity), fully electric machine, high standardisation, great versatility, extremely quick installation and start up time, user friendly technology with full process control. The steps that go into the process are: Performing feeding and handling, performing heating, performing transfer and pitch change, stretching and blowing and bottle ejection.

The range in machines means that throughout various different models, you can have from 1 all the way up to 8 blowing cavities. This means at peak production and with the highest output models, this can produce 16,000 bottles per hour.

When it comes to bottle line production, this is simply a game changer and a market leader. For more information on this or any other queries, contact us today!

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