Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Manufacturing and end of line packaging can be complex processes, often made more difficult when machinery and packaging lines aren’t running to their maximum potential. Without having the appropriate guidelines in place, companies can find it challenging to accurately measure the productivity of their packaging lines.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a system that monitors and evaluates the performance and functionality of all machinery in a manufacturing operation to determine how well it is working. Optimising your production line setup can unlock up to 10% (OEE) improvement.After collecting the necessary information, we are able to provide a detailed report of any areas of the production line that require improvement, therefore allowing engineers to correct and fix any issues. Because problems are resolved, the line can continue to work at its full potential around the clients’ requirements and targets.

The overall intent is to maximise the use of the equipment to produce what it is capable of within the specified timeframe. Ideally the equipment should run at its required rate and make good quality product for the duration.

Benefits of OEE

Return on investment (ROI)
Industrial machinery is a huge investment for many businesses so it’s vital that they achieve the highest ROI as fast as possible. Because of this, businesses implementing OEE analyse can often generate ROI quickly through higher product input and better product quality.

Maximum machine performance
One of the major benefits after OEE has been implementedis the increased performance of each machinery cost centre within the manufacturing process from start of process to end of line performance will increase rapidly. Not only is it suitable for maintaining maximum performance of new machinery, but also existing machines as issues can be corrected immediately once discovered. Not all solutions require major financial investment; some of the simplest solutions have an impact on performance.

Increased process quality
For any business, one of the biggest causes of economic loss is a decline in the quality of their products and at times, it can be difficult to understand what is causing this quality reduction. OEE enables companies to discover any areas of where their machinery and end of line packaging processes aren’t functioning correctly and could therefore be having a negative impact on the calibre of the products. This ensures that any machinery issues can be fixed, leading to an improvement in process quality and product quality.

Reduce repair costs
Performance is a measure of how well the equipment performed when it was running.It’s important to be aware of how a machine is performing in order to understand whether or not it is functioning correctly. Problems with poorly performing machinery lead to the machine stoppages, or needing expensive repaired in the future. The OEE system has the ability to analyse the performance of each machine cost centrewithin the process, therefore predicting any current or upcoming problems. Some issues can be fixed through better maintenance programmes before they become serious resulting in production stoppage.

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