Jan 8th 2019

Packaging Equipment

We understand that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to packaging your products.  That is why we have made it our aim to supply as many different varieties of packaging machines as possible.  We work closely with Hartness to provide these exceptional services ensuring we provide the best catered solution possible.  Hartness began over 50 years ago as a beverage bottling company meaning they have a particularly deep knowledge within the packaging industry.

Case Packing

The first of many options which we offer to package your goods are case packing machines.  We provide 7 different case packing machines alone, each with a multitude of different benefits dependent on what exactly you require the machine to do.  The case packing machines which we can provide are:

  • Model 2800 -High-speed, top-load servo case packer
  • Model 875 -Medium-speed, intermittent-motion case packer
  • Robotic Packing – Robotic Case and Tray packing
  • GlobalPack – High-speed multi-head rotary place packer
  • Model 2650 – Continuous-motion inline packer
  • GlobalPick – High-speed multi-head rotary decaser
  • Model D-1000 – Servo driven multi-case inline decaser

Each of these machines are unique and vary in speeds which they run meaning that some packers are manufactured to run at a fast speed whilst others may be slower or work intermittently.  This variety in capability enables us to provide exactly what you need.

Shrink Wrapping

With 4 different types of shrink wrapping machines we are able to shrink wrap products in a multitude of different ways. We are able to provide a film-only multi-packer model, versatile wrapper run trays which package the product in both pads and film, tray shrink wrappers, and wrapper runs pads and film only.  The GlobalShrink machines are versatile and and require quick and easy, toeless changeovers. The process also begins with the package design and research into the film.  This extensive research ensures that you have a made to measure solution every time.

Wraparound and Tray Packing

The wraparound and tray packing machine which we can provide is  high speed machine which packs the products carefully into the correct configuration so that the packaging can be assembled surrounding them. The highest speed packing machine which we provide is capable of reaching speed sputa 60 cycles per minute. This means that if you are looking to accumulate a particularly fast production line, we can provide all the machinery you may need.  Each of the wraparound and tray packing machines also have a quick changeover design making the even more flexible so that as your production line and ideas adapt,  the packaging machine can adapt with you.

Not only do we supply a variety of different machines that contain the products in different types of packages, but also a variety of different machines within each of these types of packaging.  This demonstrates the diversity and the attention to detail to make ensuring each machine we supply is exactly right for you.  This is why Packserve is the best answer no matter your requirements.

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