Dec 20th 2018

Product Presentation

We understand that when it comes to packaging your products there is never a one size fits all approach.  This is why we work closely with J+P to ensure that your products can be presented exactly the way you want them to be.

Horizontal Product Presentation

If you require case filling machines for horizontal product presentation, we supply two different options.  The first is the KF- Gravity Principle.  The KF model feeds products horizontally onto hinged flaps and through accurate positioning, the products will slide into pre erected containers due to gravity.  The fact that the main principle behind the KF model means that there are less parts to the machine which need maintenance of could potentially fault and interrupt the process.

The second case filling machine for horizontal product presentation which we supply at from J+P is the KP model which takes a ‘Pick and Place’ approach to positioning horizontal products.  This type of case filling machine for horizontal product presentation packs single products horizontally into cases or boxes.  This model uses the most modern smart camera technology to allow Delta pickers to accurately pick up and position  the products.  The KP case filling machine is a stand alone unit meaning it can be combined with tray and case erectors, box stackers, case closers, and lid applying machines to allow you to create the ideal production line for you.

Vertical Product Presentation

J+P supply the case filling machine Model KV which packages single products vertically into trays or cases.  The products are transported along the line horizontally right until they are loaded into the packaging at the end. The Model KV ensures that there is an optimal equalisation level of product in the primary packaging meaning that the product will be as compact as possible meaning that the final packaging can be filled to the maximum capacity.   The final packaging is supplied externally and can be closed once the filling process has taken place.

Horizontal and Vertical Product Presentation

Sometimes it may not be clear to you weather or not you want your product packaged horizontally or vertically which is why we supply the case filling machine Model KVKF.  This model stacks single products both horizontally and vertically. so that you have the option of how you want your products presented in their final containers.  When the products are being packaged horizontally, the Model KVKF feeds the products horizontally onto a hinged flap so that the cases can be loaded by gravity.  Packing patterns are possible both lengthwise and crosswise dependent on your requirements. If you require your products to be packaged vertically, the process will be carried out the same way which the Model KV packages products.

The format range of the machine similarly to all the other models available from J+P conforms to the customary national and international packing sizes. The format change can be carried out quickly and without tools by means of the “J+P-simple-quick-change”.  This makes the process ver smooth and effective reducing risk of faults or delays in the packaging process.

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