Jan 10th 2019

Project Management Services

At Packserve we understand that often, it isn’t realistic for you to supervise all the projects undergoing within your business yourself.  This is why we have trained project managers who you can trust to organise the process for you, no matter how big or small the project may be.  No matter what the task may be, weather it is a complete factory relocation or a minor packaging line modification, we have experts trained with a combination of technical expertise, extensive expertise, and sound management practice, ensuring that each project will be carried out seamlessly.  Our highly adaptable services mean that even if you only want one of our skilled professionals to manage one section of your project, this is also possible.  We make sure that no matter what the project may be, it will be carried out to the highest ability through concentrating on carrying out the project within the 3 principle areas:

  • Safety
  • Timescale
  • Budget

Project Lifecycle

We have created a bespoke cycle which we think creates the best solution to any problem you may require our services for.  This means that each project is carried out with the ultimate amount of care through paying close attention to detail.  The process begins by carrying out a Feasibility study.  This involves our experts working with the client to draw up a specification which allows us to create a design and give the client an idea of the price of the project. We will then identify the benefits of carrying out the project and prepare a report detailing all of this information.

Once the feasibility study is complete, the next step is project design. Within the project design we first prepare a detailed specification, followed by a detailed design.  A tender document for contractors to quote against is then prepared and finally a list of the detailed costings is written up.

The third step of the cycle involves the entire project including the costs being written up into a document which is then submitted to the client so that it can be approved.  The final document also includes a full analysis of the project along with detailed designs.

The main step of the project lifecycle is the project management stage.  This is where our experts will prepare and manage the project as it is carried out making sure that it is completed within the agreed time frame.  Another task which our project managers will carry out is co-ordinating multi contract interfaces as well as managing contract interfaces. Each of our project managers have been fully stained to carry out each job professionally meaning they will always act as a competent individual throughout, as per the CDM regulations.  They will also liaise appropriately and clearly with the customer so you will still fully understand and be in control as the project takes place and we will act promptly on any changes you wish to carry out.

Once the project has been carried out we review the skill profile of the end users and prepare training programmes to support the project.  We will also finalise all of the documentation as well as providing a final maintenance programme to support on going reliability. We may prepare a commissioning plan, commission a new plant to agreed timescales and carry out a H&S risk analysis before finally reviewing the project and the overall success.


Some of the clients we work with...