Jan 24th 2019

Pros and Cons of Each of Our Case Filling Machines

Our experts at Packserve have closely analysed the market to find the best manufacturers of case filling machines available.  This is why we work so closely with J+P to supply a wide range of case filling machines so that you can choose exactly what you need, to ensure that your production line can run at its smoothest.


Benefits and Features of Case Filling Machine KF

  • Packs products into either cases or boxes, horizontally.
  • Products fed horizontally onto a hinged flap and packaged into box or case through the use of gravity.
  • Reduces electricity use as relies predominantly on the force of gravity.
  • High positioning accuracy.
  • High flexibility as has the option of lengthwise or crosswise packing patterns.
  • Can easily be combined with other pieces of machinery, such as box erectors, to create a bespoke production line tailored to your requirements.
  • The format can be adapted to conform to all national and international packing sizes quickly and without the use of tools

Benefits and Features of Case Filling Machine KP

  • Packs single products horizontally into either cases or boxes.
  • Has more flexibility than case filling machine KF as has the option of lengthwise, crosswise, or head to head packing patterns.
  • Uses smart camera technology which ensures the most accurate pick-up position and therefore a precise packing pattern
  • No performance limits due to the use of precise components.
  • Easily combined with case erecting and closing machines.
  • Regulated by one motion-control.
  • Format easily changed again through the use of the “J+P simple-quick-change” which requires the use of no tools.


Benefits and Features of Case Filling Machine KVKF

  • Allows you to present your products both horizontally and vertically in the packaging.
  • Products being packaged horizontally again use the gravity principle used by the case filling machine KF.
  • Products being packaged vertically are first transported horizontally to allow extra security reducing the chances of damage.
  • Content in primary packing is optimally equalised ensuring there will always be a high fill level of product in the final packaging.
  • Case filling machine KVKF can be combined with other pieces of machinery to create a full, individually tailored production line.
  • Again, uses the “J+P simple quick change”


Benefits and Features of Case Filling Machine KV

  • Packs single product vertically into either cases or trays
  • Products are always transported horizontally during in feeding, grouping and filling to, again, ensure maximum security of the products.
  • Contents in primary packaging always optimally equalised so as many units as possible can fit into the final packaging.
  • The trays, cases, and boxes being filled are already pre-erected and the machines which carry out this process can be combined with the Case Filling Machine KV to ensure that there is a smooth transition along the production line.


Although each of the case filling machines which we supply have their own individual benefits, making no two of them the same, each of them works to the best of their ability, creating the most professional outcome. Because of this, you can be confident when putting your trust in to Packserve to put together the best possible production line, for your business.

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