Reject Systems

Packserve integrate precise reject systems into new and existing packaging processes for products varying in type.

We have worked with businesses across a huge range of industries, creating bespoke conveyor and packaging systems for a variety of product types including health care, food, beverages, pet food and pharmaceuticals.

A key part of the packaging process is how defective products are handled; this is most often dealt with by the rejection system in the packaging line. Failing to have a reliable rejection system in place can be detrimental to brand reputation.

We have integrated reject systems for many of our clients, helping them to improve their productivity and ensure that the products and their packaging meet the high standard they require.

How our reject systems work

Our reject systems use cutting edge technology to scan products quickly at the inspection process thoroughly assessing them against the pre-set acceptance criteria.

Aspects such as fill lines, product seals, labels and barcode placement can be added to the testing criteria to ensure that each product meets the standards required. High definition cameras diagnose products and packaging that have failed to meet the correct standard, highlighting issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Where a product fails to meet these guidelines the reject system automatically rejects the item on the line, sorting and diverting the rejected product where required.

One of the main issues that our clients have experienced with their previous reject systems are lack of precision and a HARD rejection – where the product is damaged and unusable once it has been rejected by the system.

To combat these issues, we use a safe rejection system that simply re-distributes the rejected product into a holding hopper or onto another conveyor to be re-directed. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with high quality or luxury items, as the core product can be re-used and therefore minimizing waste and improving efficiency of a packaging line.

Why work with Packserve

With over 30 years of experience in the packaging machinery industry, we have assisted thousands of businesses with their requirements. Working with multi-location national and international companies, we know how to create packaging systems for our clients that don’t just run smoothly, but also improve their process and exceed client expectations.

As we have ongoing relationships with some of the most well-known companies across the globe, so we understand the importance of having a reliable end of line packaging process.

Alongside the implementation of new packaging conveyors and systems, we also have a team of engineers that provide reliable and cost-effective maintenance services. Whether there is a re-occurring issue with one of your machines or you would simply like to speak to a packaging equipment specialist, Packserve are here for you.

To speak to a member of our team simply call 01254 760123 and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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