Oct 11th 2017

Robotic Palletiser Installation

A robotic palletiser, is being used to increase the speed and efficiency of a coffee stacking line.

The coffee firm is said to be part of one of the largest snack foods manufacturers in the world.

Key factors that influenced the unnamed company’s decision are said to have been the machine’s robust yet streamlined design and flexibility in handling two sizes of pallets.

The aim was to improve the automation for stacking shrink-wrapped coffee doy packs. The robot has a maximum reach of 2496 mm and weighs 1049 kg that enables it to effortlessly stack payloads of 120 kg.

Floor mountable and benefiting from a vacuum pick up head, the robot can stack up to 24 cases per minute. The robot also boasts sizeable pallet storage for up to 15 pallets at a time.

A packaging engineering solutions provider has formed strategic alliances with key machinery manufacturers to ensure food and beverage industry companies are able to access new technologies.

The machinery on offer are labellers, palletisers, de-palletisers, accumulation and new conveying lines. The experienced engineers are able to modify existing conveying lines, and integrate new machinery either as a standalone project or as part of a larger project.

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