Oct 11th 2017

The Latest in Liquid Filling

Everyone is familiar with Monobloc design, now there is such a thing as Superblock design. This new design brings together other equipment including labelling, and case packing rather than integrating just the filling and capping. Manufacturers are always interested in reducing costs and Superblock can also address manufacturing trends, to stay ahead. Manufacturers need to bring new products on lines, which manage more complicated packaging concepts without increasing manufacturing costs. Integrated packaging lines, like the Monobloc and Superblock, help realise packaging innovation with a control on cost.

By improving product handling through the filling process by closer coupling machinery functions cost savings can be made, greater line efficiency realised.
A packaging system integrator in the Northwest can provide services and access to leading equipment manufacturers to improve operation engineering efficiencies (OEE). The engineers are able to monitor lines and put forward a realistic view on how to make improvements from the smallest, simplest change to more complex and costly, longer-term plan. Through better-engineered lines they are able to provide cost savings, improved production and reduced downtime.

Some of the clients we work with...