May 30th 2019

The Range of Machinery Which We Supply Through J+P

J+P create end of line packaging machinery for a vareity of different industries and projects.  J+P are a Dresden based company who focus on projecting, constructing and manufacturing end of line packaging solutions for flexible bags or boxes. They will be presenting their current machine program from the 24th September until 26th September 2019 at the FachPack in Nuremberg which gives an insight to the lengths J+P go to to create top of the range, bespoke machinery.

Compact End of Line Packaging Machines

J+P have created three variations of end of line packaging machines, each with different specifications which will determine which style will be ideal for you. Compact end of line packaging machine KWH-T and -W package single product in trays or wrap-around cases, either horizontally or vertically, in single or multi row groupings. The compact end of line packaging machines Model KWH-TD and -DT package single products into trays either with an external lid (TD) or an internal lid (DT).  Finally, the compact end of line packaging machine Model KWH-AC packs single products (bags, boxes, blister packs or other) in classic folding boxes (American case).

Case Filling Machines

J+P have created 3 different types of case filling machines for different orientations of products.  There are two variations of case filling machines for horizontal product presentation, case filling machine KF, and case filling machine KP.  Case filling machine KF uses the gravity principle to place products, whereas case filling machine KP uses delta pickers to move and position them.  The two variations of case filling machines for vertical product presentation are the case filling machine KV and the case filling machine EP.  Both of these machines can easily have the format changed through the use of J+P simple quick change.  J+P have also created the case filling machine KVKF which is able to package products both horizontally and vertically, again using hinged flaps and the gravity principle.

Trayformer / Lid Applying Machines

The trayformer TF erects trays from flat blank and are then glued. The trayformer can be upgraded with an additional module for bent corners and support racks for stackable trays. It is also possible for additional inserts or glued side flaps. The lid applying machine TFW can manufacture a variety of lid shapes. After erecting, trays and lids can be secured by means of hot-melt glue, and/or mechanically.

Semi Automatic Machines

There are two styles of semi automatic machines which we supply through J+P.  The collator BR lines up horizontally fed products which can then be assembled on either a fixed plate or conveyor for packaging to be carried out manually.   The Product stacker PS piles up horizontally fed products. Packing is carried out manually, but with the facility to take groups of packs, without being necessary to take every single product individually and stack it.

Transport Systems

The standardised components of each of the J+P transport systems can be individually configured. Through the means of conveyors, conveyor curves and modular chains, straight-line running and curved transport can be carried out. . Additional functions, such as equalising devices for bags, line mergers, pivoting and cross transfers, pushers as well as height levelling arrangements round off every complete system. and ensure that each of your projects are executed as precisely as possible.

Assortment Systems

The machine type KLS is a system which creates assortment boxes.  Due to the nature of the tasks which this machinery carries out, it is highly adaptable and able to glue trays or boxes filled with different types of products and folds a banderole around them.

For more information on any of these pieces of bespoke machinery or to begin the process of creating your new packaging system today, visit the contact us page on our website.

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