Sep 1st 2017

Tips to Improve Efficiency of Your Packing Line

Though you may think that your packing line is working to its maximum productivity, the chances are it could be made more efficient. There are a range of ways to do this, many of which are only minor changes that are easy to make.

If you are questioning how to make the changes to your packing line, we’ve listed our top tips for improving packing line efficiency.

How to Improve Packing Line Efficiency

  • Train Employees Well – Taking the time to train employees well can have a huge impact on how efficient your packing line is. Slow employees and employees that are unsure of how machinery works have a tendency to really slow things down, which is something that’s easy to avoid. Simply, ensure everyone is well trained and well versed on how everything works.
  • Use Modern, State of the Art Machinery – It’s an obvious tip, however using modern equipment can really help your packing line to become more efficient. Older equipment is likely to be slower and is more likely to suffer with faults. Plus, new machinery tends to do a lot more. For example, many packaging solutions are now able to work together in an automated way.
  • Automate Wherever Possible – There are tonnes of ways to automate the packing line and it’s something we encourage here at Packserve. Automating the packing line boosts efficiency, productivity and speed. Plus, it creates more time for you to focus on other things.
  • Always Look for Improvements to Make– No packaging line is perfect and there are always improvements to be made, so keep an eye out. Whether it’s a machine upgrade or a small tweak to the way in which packages are stacked, small improvements can make a big difference.
  • Cut Down on Mistakes, Errors and Faults – Mistakes, errors and faults can really slow down a packing line. This is because the packaging process must stop whilst the problem is fixed. So, to keep things moving, work hard to reduce these problems.

Improve Your Packing Line With Packserve

At Packserve, we work hard to help our customers improve their packaging lines. A packaging line that functions efficiently will provide a more productive and effective way of packing, which is extremely important when it comes to creating a successful packaging solution. Whether you’re in need of a machine upgrade or you’re looking to invest in new conveyor technology, Packserve are on hand to help.

When working with our clients we audit their entire packing process, recommendations on small simple changes can have a large impact on the overall efficiency. With over 30 years’ experience in our industry we have the skillset and knowledge to ensure your packing line is performing at maximum capacity.

The sooner you improve your packing line, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards of doing so. So, don’t delay. To find out more about improving efficiency, get in touch. Contact us today on 01254 760 123 or via the online contact form.

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