May 9th 2019

Why Robotics are the Best Option for You

Robotics is a fast growing branch of engineering which is becoming an essential part of engineering.  Manual labour can no longer compare to the use of robotics in your prodcution line which is why we work with Hartness to supply you with the best integrated robotic systems available on the market. Through using robotics you can reduce the cost of wages, as well as increasing the speed and accuracy of your production line.  Hartness have created four robotic systems however there is also the option to have custom design solutions to be created to ensure that we have the perfect solution for your line.  The custom designs use 3D modeling, simulations and prototypes, so that our engineers can experiment with spatial renderings, ensuring a practical working result, which the customer can play an active roll in creating.

Automated Material Loading Robotic Systems

Hartness Automated Material Loading robotic systems allow you to reassign human assets and remove low skill labour. This will reduce both cost of wages and the potential for injuries. Automated Material Loading systems uses robotic arms to load trays and maneuvure cartons which increases production speeds.

Robotic Case and Tray Packing Robotic Systems

Hartness have created robotic case, carton and tray packing solutions which have been revolutionary in the packaging industry.  When desgning the machinery, Hartness focus on using grid technology, product collating strategies and case handling expertise to ensure they are designing the perfect automated packaging system for your line. The main benefits of using robotic case and tray packing robotic systems are they have quick, automated change over, space saving floor configuration to help reduce overhead costs, new product ramp up, and precise controlled handelling of products.

Palletizing & Depalletizing Robotic Systems

Hartness continuously push the boundaries to create bespoke machinery which can meet your requirements, not matter what the specifications may be. This is demonstrated through them having one of the largest installed base of high-speed palletizing systems in North America.  The palletizing and depalletizing robotic systems offer flexibility,  quick repeatable changeovers, and enhanced reliability making them much more effecient than manual systems.

Pack Orienting/Laning Robotic Systems

These systems are able to work with unusually shaped products or unstable containers and multipack the products in a smooth and controlled manner.  Through using robotic systems you can ensure gentle product handelling and therefore minimal product damage which can be expected when using other, traditional methods.  Our robotics solution provides safe transport for even the most advanced product packaging designs. The pack orienting and laning robotic systems feature tool-less, quick changeovers to keep your product moving through the packaging line and onto shelves with minimal interruption.

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