Mar 14th 2019

Why We Choose to Supply E2M Inspection Systems

E2M has over 25 years of experience and therefore has perfected many different types of inspection systems. Their main focus is to consistently develop and innovate the inspection of products through the use of artificial vision.  This drive to improve and constantly develop the quality and efficiency of their systems is why we have formed a close partnership with the company.  At Packserve we believe in only supplying the highest quality machinery available and have found through extensive research that E2M create the best inspection systems available on the market. E2M take pride on focusing on their customer service team and are particularly concerned about their product enhancement. They understand the importance of having a strong customer and employee relationship which is a feature we highly value at Packserve.

Types of Inspection Systems Provided Through E2M

E2M have created a variety of inspection systems ensuring that whichever machine you decide to have installed, we can ensure that it will be ideal for the purpose which you require and carry out the task at hand as efficiently as possible.  The types of inspection systems provided through E2M include but are not exclusive to:

  • Label inspection systems
  • Level inspection systems
  • Cap inspection systems
  • Box/ Crate inspection systems


Label Inspection Systems

At Packserve we provide multiple different labelling inspection systems meaning no matter what the problem you are facing may be, we have the solution.  The first labelling inspection system which we supply is the Contourvision 3G.  This system uses artificial vision to have a full 360º view on the containers.  This can then monitor a wide range of features such as label presence, label integrity, and superficial defects. Another type of labelling inspection system which we provide is Visiolabelling.  This system can be fitted inside the labelling machine taking up as minimal space as possible and is able to inspect the label as it faces the machine and can also monitor label presence as well as label integrity. The VisioLabel Plus inspection system however is able to capture 2 lateral pictures and one superior image making it overall much more precise and accurate when inspecting the labels.


Cap and Lid Inspection Systems

VisioCap inspection systems contain three cameras which are able to locate defects which most systems are often unable to recognise.  This is due to the unique view which this system creates, which is able to monitor even the slight misplacement of the cap that could potentially lead to the bottle being incorrectly sealed. VisioBox inspection systems are able to monitor the control of the box flaps, ensuring they are correctly sealed when necessary. The VisioBox inspection system is a turnkey system which must be installed before the palletizing of system.


No matter which inspection system you find to suit your requirements best, we have the ultimate trust in E2M’s machinery and can be confident that we will be able to guarantee an exceptional outcome each and every time .


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