Mar 7th 2019

Why you should be using DYNAC accumulation systems

DYNAC is a type of accumulation system which we believe to be the best available.  We choose to supply these systems, through Hartness, as throughout our many years of experience, we have found that these are the most effective accumulation systems available. DYNAC machinery dynamically controls the upstream and downstream of product flow in a pressure less environment.

How DYNAC Accumulation Systems Work

DYNAC is an intelligent systems which continuously monitors line conditions.  This means that when there is a disruption or congestion along your production line, DYNAC recognises this and diverts the products into a pressure less environment and holds them there.  Once the line is flowing as it should be again and there is no longer a build up, the products are released by the accumulation system back onto the production line.  This collection of the products prevents the whole line having to be put on hold or turned of, dramatically reducing the number of products which will be completed. In addition to this it also reduces the chance of the products colliding or falling from the line causing more waste and therefore lowering overall profitability.

Why Accumulation Systems Create a Pressure-less Environment

It is highly important that when products are accumulated they are held in a pressure-less environment.  This is because if the products collide they may become damaged and therefore wasted.  By keeping them in accumulation systems with a pressure-less environment there is a reduced chance of them either clashing or felling over. Often a large percentage of products do not complete the full production process as they become damaged along the way, inhibiting the opportunity to make a higher profit.  This can be prevented through the use of DYNAC accumulation systems.

Types of DYNAC Accumulation Systems

We have two types of DYNAC accumulation systems available, single flow and mass flow. With seven variations of single flow systems available and three variations of mass flow systems available, there is a wide variety to choose from, guaranteeing that we can provide you with exactly what you need.  One example of single flow DYNAC accumulation systems is the model 6600.  This is a spiral accumulation system which monitors the production line and quickly redirects the products on the production line into the pressure-less environment.   The spiral configuration ensures that there is no collision of products and reduces the overall footprint of the system.  This can ultimately reduce overhead costs, in turn increasing overall profitability. An example of a mass flow DYNAC accumulation system which we supply is the model 7100SF. This model is able to expand and contract dependent on demand which it must meet, meaning that floorspace is only taken up when absolutely necessary. Each of the DYNAC systems eliminates the effects of slowdowns or micro-stops and ensures a constant and optimal product flow between machines.

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