Apr 6th 2018

Why You Should Be Utilising FIFO Accumulation

There are so many different ways of packaging items on a packing line and this is because there are lots of different packaging systems available. Whether you choose a simple conveyor belt with a great deal of manpower or you focus on keeping everything automated, there are different ways of doing things.

One of these is First in, First Out (FIFO) accumulation; it is a very popular way to accumulate items going through the packaging process where machine centers operate at different speeds. The accumulator sits between the two machines ensuring both run to their maximum output level.

What is FIFO Accumulation?

FIFO accumulation has been developed as a way to improve the efficiency of a packaging or production line; it does this by working on a ‘first in first out’ basis. This is useful for any process when the order or sequence of production is important. By knowing that whatever enters the packaging or production line first will come out first, you can organise and plan packaging accordingly. This could be in order of importance or to prioritize certain products. FIFO accumulation also shortens production time and this very useful when working with food, drinks, dairy and other perishables.

A FIFO accumulator is able to accumulate a variety of containers and packages taking into account the shape, size and weight of the product. So, when a FIFO accumulator is installed, it’s a truly unique and personal addition to a packaging system.

There are a number of reasons as to why FIFO accumulation is so popular, namely that it’s an extremely efficient and organised way of doing things. It’s very easy to stay aware of what items are being packaged and what order packaging is happening in. However, there are other benefits. For example, FIFO accumulators are durable and do not require a great deal of upkeep; this is ideal for those who like to keep their packaging system as automated as possible.

FIFO Accumulation at Packserve

Understanding exactly how FIFO accumulation works isn’t always easy and it’s often better to focus on its benefits, such as how it can speed up production. So, in order to have the very best packaging system possible, you may want to consider utilising FIFO accumulation and the abilities of FIFO accumulators.

At Packserve, we are big proponents of FIFO accumulation and we believe it is a fantastic way to improve the quality of your packaging system as a whole.

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