Nov 15th 2018

End of Line Packaging Machines

Once the production process is complete, it is vital that the end of line packaging process is conducted with the upmost care to ensure the final product looks professional and ready to be distributed to the suppliers.  This is why we provide the highest quality end of line packaging machines from J+P.  Here at Packserve we offer KWH-T/-W, KWH-TD/-DT, and KWH-AC end of line packaging machines. Each of which are specially designed to work best with your specifications.

End of Line Packaging Machine KWH-T/-W

The compact end of line packaging machine KWH-T or-W is designed to package single products into trays or wrap-around cases.  This is ideal if you need to collate individual products quickly and effectively so they can be transported and displayed on retailers shelves, ready to be sold.  The compact end of line packaging machine KWH-T or -W does this by folding the cases during the packaging process and using hot melt glue to secure them in place.  Another conveyor collates the products so that they are ready to be put into the containers.

End of Line Packaging Machine KWH-TD/-DT

The compact end of line packaging machine KWH-TD or -DT is also designed to package single products however instead packages them into trays with either an external (TD) or internal (DT) lid.  The trays are folded and glued in the same way which the packaging is erected using the KWH-T or-W end of line packaging machines, however, there is an added lidding module. This can be switched off however so that these machines have the added option to create one piece wrap around casing.  The process for collating the products can be adapted to arrange the products in the way which you desire.

End of Line Packaging Machine KWH-AC

If you require your products to be packaged into classic folding boxes then the end of line packaging machine KWH-AC is designed to do exactly this.   The packaging process is carried out in a slightly different order to the previous two machines as the products are collated and brought into pre-erected boxes.   The boxes are then sealed with either hot melt glue or adhesive tape so that the products are sealed and secured inside.

Which is best for you?

Each of the three machines are unique in their own way and provide bespoke services.  However, which of the three end of line packaging machines is best for you is dependent on your requirements and how you would like your products packaging. All three of the machines use either single or 2 track pocket conveyors, or standardised product transport systems to collate the products in the best configurement possible.  The format of each of the machines can also be changed quickly and easily without these of any tools through the means of J+P simple quick change. Whichever end of line packaging machine you decide is best for you, each will carry out the process in the best possible way available on the market.


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