Apr 17th 2024

Reducing Labour and Increasing Efficiency on Your Line

Reducing manual labour on a production line in the food and drink industry offers numerous benefits. It enhances efficiency, reduces costs associated with labour, improves consistency and quality of products, minimizes the risk of human error, ensures compliance with safety and hygiene standards, and increases overall productivity.  Additionally, automation can lead to faster turnaround times, allowing you to meet customer demands more effectively while freeing up human resources for higher-value tasks such as innovation and process optimization.

How to do so?

Increase automation – With the ever adapting market and broad advancement in technology, automated machinery in production lines is becoming vastly popular and there must be a reason… Reduced human power required down the line reduces cost as well as increasing efficiency of the line as automation never gets tired!

Invest into top quality, modern machinery – You want your line to run at maximum capacity all year round. This means no downtime for maintenance or breakdowns. Well a solution to reducing that is simple, you want the best quality, up to date technology running your lines. With innovative solutions to reduce downtime now available, it’s a no brainer.

Cut down risk of error – What is the biggest cause of error in day to day life? Correct, human error! The most simple way to eliminate that factor and increase efficiency is to reduce the human labour. Increased automation means that the programming within the automation will not steer off track and cause human errors. This reduces the risk of mistakes being made on the line which would decrease manufacturing.

How can Packserve help?

So where do we come into all this? Here at Packserve we offer a number of innovative solutions which will ensure that your valuable production lines remain in top shape. As well as services and solutions, we provide a number of different automated machinery to help you along the way. Examples of this include:

  • Robotics
  • Artificial Vision Inspection Systems
  • End of Line Packaging machines

To pair with these, we also offer the human power side of things to ensure everything runs smoothly with project management, plant lift and shift and general maintenance services available.


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