Operational Services

Our dedicated management services team of highly experienced packaging engineering consultants specialise in improving efficiencies within FMCG packaging lines by providing line evaluations and work studies.

Line Evaluations

We have a structured approach for achieving measured results in your packaging facility, whether it be for whole or part of your operation. This is based upon an initial in-depth analysis of your specific engineering problem. We will provide a range of fully-costed mechanical solutions to:

  • Improve line efficiencies
  • Reduce operational costs

Work Study

We can work with our your personnel to establish best practice team-working approaches and:

  • Improve problem-solving
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce non-productive downtime
  • Set best working practices

We work in partnership with team-leaders and front-line managers to carry out mechanical or people improvements and provide solutions to specific problem areas.

Some of the clients we work with...