Jan 31st 2024

SIPA’s Robotic palletizing and manipulation systems

Packserve are proud suppliers of Sipa machinery. With more than 50 years’ experience, Sipa, an Italian packaging solutions provider, offers robotized palletizing and manipulation systems designed to automate the palletization process in various industries. These systems typically involve robotic arms equipped with advanced technology to efficiently handle and stack products onto pallets. Sipa’s solutions aim to enhance productivity, reduce labour costs, and improve overall operational efficiency in packaging and logistics. Their state of the art ‘Robby’ technology provides the most cost efficient and production efficient solutions on the market. Robby is Sipa’s robotized, palletising and manipulation systems line which is made up of different sectors:


Robby – Robotized palletizing and manipulation systems

A comprehensive approach developed to meet the increasing market demand for packaging flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of containers and packaging. Its long time experience in robotized manipulation has allowed SIPA to create a wide range of heads which makes the arm extremely versatile. The main characteristics and advantages are;

  • Flexibility to handle any container
  • Reduced, compact footprint
  • Its modularity
  • Convertibility
  • Reliability
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Environmental impact


Robby Pal – Row palletizer

Suitable for low and medium speed lines, but also to handle special shape or large containers. The size and shape of grippers have been designed on the basis of the type of container or package to be handled. Accessory devises can be integrated into the product gripper head which greatly reduces space required. Products that can be processed with this include:

  • Packs
  • Cartons
  • Crates
  • Big size bottles


Robby Pal – Multihead and loose product palletizer

This is used to palletise both filled and empty loose containers in glass or PET Again can have customizable head types for usage. Palletization may be carried out directly on the pallet, or cardboard or plastic display tray. The robotic arm is positioned in the centre and thanks to a rapid head change system, can comfortably work with the current layer prep to palletize the type of selected product. Products that can be processed with this include:

  • Loose PET Bottles (Filled or empty)
  • Loose glass bottles (Filled or empty)
  • Jars


Robby Rack – Large size palletizer on racks or pallets

This particularly specialises in handling 3 and 5 gallon bottles. It’s a 6 axis robotic configuration and is especially good for complex movements, making it extremely suitable for handling ‘special’ containers and packages, including canisters, drums, kegs, etc. A modular gripping system has been designed to provide for interchangeability of the grippers as the installation evolves over time. Robby Rack may be used for either depalletizing or palletizing lines, as well as in combined cycles to simultaneously empty and fill the rack.


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