Oct 11th 2017

Food-Space Conveyor

A pick and place robot solution for handling packs of fresh food has been combined with a food safe conveyor.

The simplistic, groove design with side channels made from high molecular, weight polyethene (HMWPE) was design with side channels made from high molecular, weight polyethene (HMWPE) was preferred, because it can be deployed in hygienic food processing areas. Ideal for transporting unpackaged primary products, this HMWPE conveyor caters to every type of product handling requirement, from raw fish, meat and poultry to sliced vegetables, biscuits and confectionery and fresh and frozen produce.

“Client requirements in the food sector can be both challenging and unique. A HMWPE conveyor system is just one of the design types that is increasingly starting to be integrated into our robotic pick and place systems, as it meets food manufacturers stringent hygiene requirements” said the end users spokesman.

When assessing conveyor options for food manufacturers, he cited flexibility, robustness and food safety as key criteria. This food-grade conveyor is one of the few systems on the market that meets all of these specific needs and allows us to continue giving customers trouble-free and application-appropriate choices. The sides of the conveyor are made of HMWPE with stainless steel support frames. This makes it fully compliant with FDA regulations and being IP69K rated can withstand high pressure and close proximity wash-downs. Having fewer parts also means there’s less to go wrong, which also reduces maintenance time.

A packaging engineering solutions provider is able to provide conveyors, upgrades and maintenance to support food processing companies. The experienced engineers are able to project manage, the integration of new conveying sections, new conveyors or arrange the upgrading of existing systems. They have formed alliances with key equipment manufacturers to ensure that clients have access to the leading technologies such as pick and place, bag in a box, labellers and accumulators to ensure a competitive edge and inefficiencies are reduced.

Some of the clients we work with...