May 4th 2022


Hartness DYNAC 6900

The Hartness DYNAC 6900 is a high speed, single file, conveyor that excels in the handling of a wide range of product shapes, sizes, formats, weights and materials. The innovative model 6900 is an accumulation and buffering conveyor that provides pressure-less product handling, whilst responding dynamically to the conditions of the line. The circular spiral footprint of the DYNAC 6900 allows for implementation of Hartness’ industry leading, DYNAC centric line concept which is expertly designed to eliminate complicated controls and allows for close coupling of machines by reducing the amount of floor space required. This design means that fewer operators are required and there is less consumption of utilities.

The revolutionary, market leading design means that the DYNAC has the ability to automatically expand its usable length based on the line condition. This virtually eliminates any sort of slowdown or micro-stops that are inherent even in the best designed lines. The elimination of these downtimes raises the productivity by providing constant and optimal product flow from one machine to another.

Key Benefits of the DYNAC 6900:
• Increased line efficiency
• Reduced line pressure
• Metered downstream products
• Sequential first-in/ first-out accumulation
• Zero-pressure handling
• Easy to use controls
• Small footprint
• Quick and simple changeover
• Low maintenance and operation
• Minimal line noise due to elimination of container to container contact

Why chose Hartness?

With over 70 years of experience, Hartness knows how important it is to show the upmost care with every detail of your line. Through their unique approach to customer focused innovation, Hartness prides themselves on building partnerships in order to gain key insights into the businesses major ideas for the project at hand. From there, they then develop a clearer understanding of what the individual customer will need in order to succeed in their ideas and get to work. For the most reliable and innovative solutions, Hartness are the best on the market.

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