We supply Dynac accumulators that improve line efficiencies to pharmaceutical companies.



Our specialised packaging engineering services can be individually specified, with commissions ranging from the provision of packaging engineering support through to the role of main contractor on a packaging line relocation or remodelling project, always operating under the SAFEcontractor endorsement.

Our new range of Dynac accumulators from Hartness International are a must for increased line efficiencies, with over 3000 machines installed worldwide the pharmaceutical industry are now demanding this system be incorporated within their packing lines.


Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quality management system (QMS) are the mainstay of many pharmaceutical companies.

Packserve Limited operates to the highest standards within these and other systems. Pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers must satisfy regulators that the manufacture, distribution, and supply of the medicine meet required safety and quality standards. Packserve has many years of experience in the delivery of packaging line equipment meeting these requirements.



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