Specification Sheets

Carry out Feasibility Study

  • Work with client to help draw up the specification.
  • Outline design
  • Project cost
  • Identify project benefits
  • Carry out financial analysis versus company hurdle rate
  • Prepare report with recommendation

Project design

  • Prepare detailed specification
  • Prepare detailed designs
  • Prepare tender documentation for contractors to quote against
  • Prepare detailed costings


Submit project for company approval

  • Project document prepared including detailed design and financial evaluation

Project management

  • Prepare and manage project to timescale
  • Co-ordinate multi-contract interfaces
  • Manage contract interfaces
  • Act as competent person as per CDM regulations
  • Liaise with customer throughout


Training, documentation and maintenance

  • Review skill profile of end users
  • Prepare training programmes to support projects and where necessary include problem-solving techniques, quick size changes and RCM analysis
  • Co-ordinate and prepare all documentation and drawings
  • Provide final maintenance programme to support ongoing reliability


  • Prepare commissioning plan to suit customer requirements
  • Commission new plant to agreed timescales
  • Carry out H & S risk analysis


  • Review success of project lifecycle with client
  • Review final benefits and specification versus original study


Structured Approach

Initial Review

  • We will meet with plant management to gain an understanding of the objectives and to collate all the information required to conduct our studies.

Review the plant’s performance in the following areas:

  • Detailed performance of individual components on the line versus original design
  • Mechanical reliability – minor breakdown
    minor breakdown
    major breakdown
  • People performance – operational issues
    operational issues
    skill levels
  • Process issues – plant/product compatibility
    plant/product compatibility
    performance measures
  • Non-productive time – size changes
    size changes
    maintenance slots

Present Findings

  • Present documented evidence of performance and recommended solutions

Improvement Activities

  • Develop performance measures for improvement areas
  • Set up teams to work on specific projects – machine-specific issues
    machine specific issues
    maintenance systems
    Non-productive time
  • Develop training programmes covering: – problem-solving techniques
    Problem-solving techniques
    quick size change techniques
    machine operation
  • Prepare detailed design and project costs for machine modifications or upgrades where identified

Final Review

  • Review benefits versus original objectives

Some of the clients we work with...