Oct 11th 2017

Seal Monitoring

A brewery has upgraded the monitoring and empty bottle inspection control at its swing-stop site.

The German brewer fills its own brands and acts as a contract bottling on a 24,000 bph filling line for specialist and beer mix products. The new monitor confirms that a seal is the correct colour, presence and position on the swing-stopper bottles which have porcelain heads. The unit also detects faded rubber seals, label residue on the swing-top and soiling. An operational benefit is that the unit does not consume wear parts as is it is not in contact with the bottles passing by, thus making it easier to match at change over to other bottle variants.

A systems integrator based in Lancashire is able to provide similar equipment and integrate this with existing production line technology. The company was established over twenty five years ago providing conveying, conveyor modifications, engineering services from project management to line maintenance, all of which enable the FMCG industries to improve production line efficiency.

Over the years they have established key links with machinery manufacturers to provide accumulation and end of line machinery to improve product handling reducing manual handling, product damage and increase profitability.

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