Nov 1st 2018

Spiral Accumulation Systems

Often, many products can become damaged or wasted if, for a particular reason, processes further along the line are interrupted.  This can result in there being collisions or a build-up of products which the conveying systems are not designed to withhold. This may prompt an unnecessary loss of profit which can be easily avoided with the use of spiral accumulation systems.  Through the installation of spiral accumulation systems you can increase line efficiency, reduce line pressure, and eliminate complicated line controls.

What are Spiral Accumulation Systems?

Spiral accumulation systems allow products to build up throughout the conveying process which admits more time at the end of the process line. This time can be used to rectify any problems which may be interrupting the process without the added pressure of products becoming damaged. Spiral accumulation systems control the build up of products so that they are not wasted or causing any congestion along the conveyor belts.

Spiral accumulation systems can move products in a variety of different configurations such as single file, mass flow, and bi-directional, dependent on the circumstances.  This versatile factor means that spiral accumulation systems are particularly adaptable and can be tailored to accommodate your own specific requirements. Spiral accumulation systems are the most accurate solution to reducing unnecessary damage and loss of products and are designed to ensure that production can run smoothly at all times.


Spiral Accumulation Systems At Packserve

Here at Packserve we provide two types of accumulation systems dependent on which would be best suited to your needs; flat bed tables, or spirals.  Flat bed table accumulation systems provide a space for products to build up quickly however, is less controlled than spiral accumulation systems and therefore is best used for sturdier products.  Spiral accumulation systems are a type of zero-pressure accumulation systems.  The means that the products are kept in single file and are held so that the products do not touch or collide with other products. This is essential for more fragile products which may become damaged if they come into contact with each other, or even filled containers which cannot be jolted or tipped over.

The experts here at Packserve can analyse your business’ individual needs and provide a range of options which are tailored to create bespoke solutions dependent on your rate and capacity specifications.  The designs can take into consideration what you want to accomplish as well as many other factors, making it the perfect solution to multiple problems which can be faced throughout the production process.






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