May 2nd 2019

Utilising J+P Case Filling Machinery

Over the years, Packserve have established an effective relationship with the German based company, J+P Maschinenbau. J+P specialise in creating compact end of line packaging machines which we have been successfully supplying to customers for many years. One of the most popular styles of machinery which they have created are the case filling machines. The case filling machines are available for horizontal product presentation, horizontal and vertical product presentation, and vertical product presentation. Each of these styles of case filling machines have multiple variations available, making it even easier for us to supply you with a bespoke production line, tailored exactly to your requirements.

Case Filling Machines for Horizontal Product Presentation

We provide two variations of the case filling machines for horizontal product presentation, each with slight adaptations which could benefit your packaging line in different ways. Both of these case filling machines can be simply combined with tray and case erectors and other packaging machinery and the format can be easily changed by the means of the J+P simple quick change.

• Case Filling Machine KF – This case filling machine packs bags horizontally into cases or boxes. The products are fed onto hinged flaps and case loading is carried out simply through thre use of gravity. This machinery has impressive high positioning accuracy which makes this simple loading technique possible.
• Case Filling Machine KP – This case filling machine packs single products (bags, boxes, or blister packs) horizontally into cases or boxes. Modern smart camera technology enables an accurate pick up position using delta pickers. Delta pickers have multiple arrangements ensuring a precise packing pattern and no performance limits.

Case Filling Machines for Vertical Product Presentation

• Currently only one variation of the case filling machine for vertical product presentation is available. This is because the Case filling Machine KV is highly flexible and adaptable and also has the ability to have the format quickly changed, without tools, through the use of J+P simple quick change. The case filling machine KV packs single products, either bags, boxes, or blister packs, into cases or trays. The products are transported horizontally, maximising security and stability of the products, and that an optimal equalisation of the content is maintained.

Case Filling Machines for Horizontal and Vertical Product Presentation

• The case filling machine KVKF packs single products both horizontally and vertically into cases or trays. For horizontal product packaging, the same technique is used as the case filling machine KF, which uses hinged flaps and the gravity principle to carefully and accurately position the products into the boxes. Both lengthwise and crosswise packing patterns are possible. For vertical product presentation, again, products are transported horizontally to ensure stability. Optimal equalisation of the content in the primary packaging is maintained so that a high fill level is always guaranteed. This machine can also be easily combined with tray and case erectors, box stackers, case closers and lid applying machines and the format change is carried out using the J+P simple quick change.

Our wide range of products available ensures that we are your best option when looking to upgrade your packaging or production line. No matter what your specification may be, our team of experts will be happy to explore different options with you and provide you with a bespoke solution. If you have any queries or questions feel free to visit the contact us page on our website today.

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