Sep 6th 2022

Accumulation System Benefits

We partner with Hartness to offer an array of expertly crafted accumulation systems. These have been implemented in a range of settings including food, beverage and pharmaceutical. Through the integration of accumulation systems, we have been able to reduce the amount of pressure on our customer’s lines.  This has lead to overall increased line efficiency.

Single Flow Accumulation systems

Each of our single flow accumulation systems use DYNAC FIFO technology, which acts as a buffering conveyor.  This then responds dynamically to the conditions of the line.  They use pressureless product handling to ensure all products are securely manoeuvred throughout the packaging process.

Dynac 6400 and 6600

The Model 6400 and 6600’s space-saving spiral configuration enables the implementation of Hartness’ industry-leading, DYNAC-centric line concept.  This eliminates complicated controls and allows for close coupling of machine centres. This close coupling leads to a smaller line footprint that requires fewer operators and less consumption of utilities than traditional line designs. The 6400 and the 6600 are both exceptionally versatile, handling a wide range of product and packaging shapes, sizes, formats, weights and materials.

Dynac 6900

The Model 6900 is a high-speed, single-file DYNAC FIFO accumulation and buffering conveyor.  It provides pressure-less product handling, as well as unique line balancing characteristics for a variety of rigid and flexible container types. Similar to the 6400 and the 6600, the 6900’s circular spiral configuration enables the implementation of the DYNAC-centric line concept.  The 6900 handles a wide range of packaging shapes, sizes, formats, weights, and materials.

Dynac 6930

The 6930 Helical Dynamic Accumulator (DYNAC) is a simple, innovative solution. The reliability pf this system brings a dramatic improvement to packaging line performance.  This is done through pressureless product handling and micro-stop elimination. Furthermore, the 6930 maintains the integrity of the original Helical DYNACs, whilst bringing more value than ever before to packaging line customers. This system has improved reliability, less downtime, and lower total cost of ownership. It is a single file DYNAC with FIFO accumulation and unique line balancing characteristics for a variety of rigid and flexible container types.  This makes the 6930 easily adaptable to any packaging line condition.  The spiral configuration, space-saving design, and expandable capacity add to its versatility, allowing it to fit effortlessly into the needs of any packaging line.

DYNAC 6930 Accumulation System

Mass Flow Accumulation Systems

Dynac 7100

The DYNAC 7100 is a floor level system and offers a smart alternative to traditional bi-directional tables. Unlike some systems that simply provide accumulation, the 7100 enables the implementation of  Hartness’ DYNAC-Centric line concept. Therefore, complicated line controls can be eliminated and equipment centres can be positioned close together in a smaller footprint. The DYNAC between the two centres isolates these from each other so each line runs at optimum efficiency.

Dynac 7100 FT Accumulation System

The DYNAC 7100FT guides containers inline through the system.  The system then gently transfers the containers from the infeed conveyor to the outfeed conveyor. This gives you added flexibility when laying out your line without losing any of the advantages and benefits of the Hartness DYNAC.

DYNAC-centric lines have a smaller footprint and operate with minimal noise, even on glass.

Dynac 7100 SF Accumulation System

In contrast to the 7100 FT, the 7100 SF discharges products onto the line through the use of an Integrated Single Filer positioned at the outfeed.  Containers then enter en-masse, and merge into a single file. This gives you added flexibility when laying out your line, plus all the benefits of the Hartness DYNAC.

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