Nov 17th 2022

Hartness DYNAC Systems

Here at Packserve we pride ourselves on providing only the top level of services to our customers and with top level service comes top level equipment. This is why we are proud to supply Hartness machinery and their DYNAC accumulation systems as we believe they are the best on the market. Accumulation systems are able to relieve pressure and prevent damage to products when there is a stoppage further along the line. They create a helpful buffer zone between processes that require different lengths of time to complete as well as creating an efficient que for feeding products through the machine on the production line.

The DYNAC accumulation range come in two variations with a wide range of systems within each. The first category of DYNAC is:



We supply five different types of single file systems which helps us to find the perfect match for the specifications of your production lines. From the DYNAC 6900 through to the 6300 we have machinery with all features to suit your lines. The model 6900 is a high speed single file accumulation system designed to respond dynamically to the conditions of the line. This machine is extremely versatile with handling a wide range of products and packaging shapes, sizes, formats weights and materials. The circular spiral configuration of the machine conspires to a smaller footprint on site which also makes it easier to maintain and manage. There are also additional features with the 6300 and 6400 models that include Banked rails for higher production speed and stability, dynamic continuous motion feed and Hartness’ industry leading centric line concept which eliminates complicated controls.

DYNAC 6930


The DYNAC 7100 series are Hartness’ floor level, mass flow accumulation systems and come in three different variations:

  • 7100 – the standard U-shaped configuration
  • 7100FT – in line flow through
  • 7100SF – with an integrated outfeed single filer

The 7100’s space saving configurations once again allow for the market leading Hartness centric line concept to eliminate the overcomplicated controls that come with running a line. The 7100 automatically expands its usable length based on the line conditions, eliminating the effects of slowdowns or micro-stoppages.

We can offer specialist advice on which machine is tailored to your line specifications. To discuss how to implement the use of DYNAC equipment into your line, contact us today.

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