Jul 8th 2019

Seam Detection

Seam detection is a vital aspect of ensuring that, particularly canned products, are accurately sealed maximising freshness, and quality of the product.  E2M have created outstanding technology which is able to monitor and detect weather the containers are correctly sealed.  If there is a fault with the product, the technology will quickly flag this up to reduce the effects of the fault on production.  One of the pieces of machinery which E2M have created with this technology is the Visio Can-End inspection system.

Visio Can-End Inspection System

This particular inspection system is able to work with any type of double-seam can including Dingley, Club, Oval, and Hansa.  The system can be installed over existing conveyors which is ideal as it will minimise disruption to the line, as well as taking up minimal floor space, reducing overhead costs.  The system is able to inspect the products, without physically handling them, which reduces the potential for fragile products to be damaged. The inspection system works through geometrical analysis below the outside of the seam and then using pneumatic rejection of defective units.  The inspection can be carried out on irregularities with double seams and those irregularities which could be potentially a danger to the can.

Features of Visio Can-End Inspection Systems

  • Untill 7 cameras CMOS B/W 1,3 megapixel.
  • Front LED based front light: adjustable intensity.
  • Modem, USB, Ethernet.
  • Intel last generation processor.
  • User interface based in Windows.
  • Real time production statistics.
  • Watch dog” to test for system status =  “on-line”.
  • TFT touch screen 17”.

Advantages of Visio Can-End Inspection Systems

There are a wide range of advantages of introducing this inspection system into your lines including;

  • In-line inspection of the production.
  • Non destructive.
  • False accepts ratio is near 0.
  • No handling of containers required.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Only 2 parameters need to be adjusted.
  • Inspection accuracy is adjustable by the user.
  • Only basic training required.
  • Easy and quick format changeover
  • Remote control. 
  • Online Remote Service from E2M.
  • Real time production statistics.
  • Management of rejection and upstream signals.

Through introducing artificial vision inspection systems into your line, such as the visio can-end system, you will be able to be much more confident with the quality of your products.  It will also take away the responsibility of monitoring the line conditions manually, allowing you to reduce your staff or open up more time to work on other aspects of your business. For more information on the visio can-end inspection systems or any of the other artificial vision inspection systems which we supply, visit the contact us  page on our website to talk to one of our experts here at Packserve, today.

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