Aug 14th 2019

Assortment Systems and Semi Automatic Machinery

One of our main aims, here at Packserve, is to provide advanced solutions and supply high class machinery to our customers, which will improve the quality of their packaging lines.  We work closely with J+P to supply you with the best end of line packaging machines available on the market.  Two of the styles of end of line packaging machinery which we supply include assortment systems and semi-automatic machinery.  Each of these styles of machinery speed up the packaging process whilst maintaining accuracy and precision.

Assortment Systems

We supply the machine type KLS which is able to create assortment boxes. This is ideal for packaging together multiple different products into one final carton.  The assortment system is able to do this through gluing together trays of boxes filled with varied products and folds a banderol around. This is done through the use of hotmelt glue which ensures maximum security and quality of the packaging.  The format range of the machine conforms to the customary national and international packing sizes.  The format change can be carried out quickly and efficiently, without the use of any tools, through the use of J+P simple quick change.  J+P simple quick change has been put in place for all of the machinery which J+P have created.  This means that they are highly flexible and able to quickly adapt to the changing pressures in industries and the development of new packaging designs.


Semi-Automatic Machines

We supply two different types of end of semi-automatic machinery; the Collator BR and the Product Stacker PS.  Both of these systems introduce the use of machinery to eliminate tasks which may have previously been carried out manually, whilst maintaining the manual element for a small section. This allows you to reduce the potential for manual errors, without the need to automate the entire packaging line.

Collator BR

The product collator BR takes horizontally fed products, lines them up by means of a turret and creates a penny-stacked line of products.  This is done with maximum precision to make sure that there is no damage to the products, and that no disruption is caused along the line.  The line of products can be assembled either on a fixed plate, or on a conveyor.  The packing of the products can then be carried out manually however they can now be packed in groups rather than individually.  This will speed up the process and ensure that the products are correctly aligned.

Product Stacker PS

The product stacker PS takes horizontally fed products, piles them up and creates a group of products which will be assembled vertically onto a conveyor.  Again, the packing of the products is then carried out manually but is able to be completed at a much faster and a much more accurate rate.

For more information on the assortment systems and semi-automatic machinery which we supply, as well as the vast amount of different types end of line packaging machinery which we supply, contact us via our website, today.


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