Sep 11th 2019

Benefits of Introducing Trayformers to your Line

J+P is a Dresden based end of line packaging machinery manufacturer.  They create adaptable and innovative machinery, which provides solutions for a range of products, including flexible bags or boxes.  One of the types of machinery which J+P manufacture are Trayformers.  We supply two types of Trayformers created by J+P, Trayformer TF, and Lid Applying Machine TFW.  Both of which can improve specific aspects of your line, dependent on your requirements, and each have gone towards enhancing some of the best packaging lines in the industry.

Trayformer TF

Both the Trayformer TF and the lid applying machine TFW have the same machine basis.  The folding and gluing process is specified to the task which they are completing which increases the precision and the quality of the finished product. The trays are entered into the machine, flat, where they are then folded and glued to the most suitable style.  For more complex configurations, additional components can be added to the Trayformer TF to upgrade it. The format range of the machine conforms to the customary national and international packing sizes. The format change is carried out quickly and without tools by means of the “J+P-simple-quick-change.

Lid Applying Machine TFW

The lid applying machine is able to manufacture a variety of different shaped lids in a similar way to the Trayformer TF machine. The trays are placed into the machine flat and are then folded appropriately.  After erecting, trays and lids can be secured by means of hot-melt glue, and/or mechanically.  The lid applying machine TFW can also be configured through the use of “J+P simple quick change”, meaning it can easily be adapted for new packaging and designs.

Deciding which Machines are Best for You

We understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to understand which machines will work most efficiently within your line.  Our experts, here at Packserve, are happy to offer our advice and talk you through the different options available.  For more information on how to reach us you can visit the contact us page on our website.  In addition to this, on the J+P website there is a product finder tool which allows you to input your specifications and receive a recommendation of which of their machines will be most suitable for the task at hand. This makes it that bit easier to find the perfect solution, and takes the pressure away from finding a solution yourself.





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