Mar 11th 2020

Benefits of Utilising SIPA Technology

SIPA is an Italian based packaging machinery manufacturer with over 30 years of experience.  They specialise in PET container solutions however manufacture a wide range of machinery which can be utilised in many ways.


SIPA is the world’s second-largest mold maker, and therefore is able to deliver global tooling programs for new molds or mold conversions.  The machinery which SIPA offers is particularly versatile and has  cavities ranging from single to 144.  We can offer three different types of moulding machinery;

  • Preform Tooling
  • Blowing Moulds
  • Refurbishment/ Conversion

Preform Systems

SIPA manufacture three different types of Preform Systems; XFORM 250-350-500 GEN4 XP, XTREME, and XTREME RENEW.  Each of these systems enable highly-cost efficient production of PET preforms by conventional injection molding capable of running molds.  These systems stand out for their high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs and also their ability to accept molds built by any manufacturer.

Bottle Production Systems

Bottle Production Systems are separated into two main categories; 1 step, or 2 step process.  The 1-step process, based on the concept of integrating the preform injection process with the preform stretch-blowing process, results in a container obtained directly from plastic resin in a single machine. The 2-step process features the manufacture of plastic containers in two separate stages: first preforms are injection molded on an injection machine and then are re-heated and stretch-blown on a blowing machine.  The specific Bottle Production Systems which we supply are:

  • ECS FX integrated systems
  • ECS SP integrated systems
  • SFR rotary blowing systems
  • XTRA rotary blowing systems
  • SFL linear blowing systems
  • SFL 1XL for large sizes

Sincro Block

Sincro Bloc is the integration of bottles blowing/filling and capping equipment into a single system. Sincro Bloc is the most suitable solution for the treatment of extreme lightweight bottles as it eliminates air conveyors between blower and filler, and therefore reduces the number of operators.  We supply:

  • Sincro Bloc R
  • Sincro Bloc L
  • Sincro TriBloc


Due to the high amount of competition on the continuously evolving beverage market, it is essential to have top of the range technology which can fill containers accurately and effectively to ensure maximum profitability.  Through careful discussion during a consultation with our customers, we can suggest which of the filling machines will be the most beneficial to your line.  The Filling machines which we supply from SIPA are; Flextronic, Bigfill, Isofill, Stillfill Evo.


One of the most important parts of managing a bottling line and obtaining a high quality finished product is the product preparation phase.  Through substituting the manual labour involved with this with product preparation units, the risk of error is reduced.  This can make the process quicker and more accurate. Precision, flexibility, hygienic design, total cost of ownership and maintenance reduction are the main focuses when designing SIPA process machinery.  The process machines which we supply are:


In addition to the six styles of machinery detailed in this blog, SIPA also produce palletisers, depalletisers, robotic handling systems, and cartoning.  This demonstrates the wide variety of machinery which SIPA have to offer, allowing us to create bespoke solutions which are tailored precisely to your specifications.  For more information on how you can incorporate SIPA technology into your packaging line, contact us today.

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