Mar 24th 2021

Fimer- intelligent and innovative bottling systems

Packserve proudly supply Fimer bottling machinery, spare parts and change parts to our customers. Fimer is an Italian based company that designs their machines to suit each individual customer, so you can expect a top class tailored bottling experience.

Whether you’re looking for a complete line or an independent machine, Fimer can provide quality equipment to improve bottling line efficiency and productivity.

Filling Machines

The importance of filling machines in bottling lines is not overlooked when Fimer design this equipment. They craft these machines so they are reliable, easily washable and sterilisable, to prevent contamination and ensure the product is unaffected during this process. One characteristic that makes Fimer one of the leading bottling machine manufacturers is that they can accommodate a variety of products, not just beverages. For example, these machines can be used in the cosmetic and food industry for products such as honey.

Fimer Filling Machines:

  • Gravity or light vacuum (traditional or electro-pneumatic versions)
  • Isobaric (traditional or electro-pneumatic versions)
  • Volumetric
  • High vacuum or light pressure
  • Electronic machines with flow meters (magnetic or inertial)

Rinsing Machines

As well as the filling machines, rinsing is a particularly important step to ensure there is no remaining debris or foreign material in the newly moulded bottles. With this in mind, Fimer has developed a technically advanced unit that comes with a standard fitting air blower to eliminate any droplets after rinsing, during overturning. The stainless steal grippers with rubber pads can be easily changed in the case of differing bottle necks.

Each machine can feature:

  • Single or double treatment
  • Fixed or moveable nozzle
  • Rinsing product recirculation plant
  • Manual or automatic dummy bottles for machine sterilisation
  • Hoods to eliminate noxious fumes

Capping Machines

As well as filling and rinsing, capping is an important step that if done poorly can ruin the quality of the product. With Fimer’s machines, you never have to worry about the quality of the product. With careful handling, vessel closure effectively preserves the product. Fimer is able to apply a range of closure options such as,

  • Natural or synthetic cork
  • Aluminium screw tops
  • Plastic screw tops
  • Crown tops
  • Pressure caps

For any more information on the machines discussed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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