Aug 8th 2019

How Inspection Systems can Improve Your Line

We provide a wide variety of inspection systems, each with the ability to enhance the accuracy of your production line.  E2M have designed 11 different types of inspection systems.   This means that we will be able to analyse your line and allocate an inspection system which is ideal for your specifications, without having to compromise. Each of the systems use artificial vision, increasing the accuracy of them and reducing the possibility of human error.  Some of the types of inspection systems which we supply include the following.

Contourvision 3G Inspection System

This system is able to carry out a 360-degree inspection of non-oriented containers through the use of 4 to 6 cameras.  This means that the format can be easily configured and the 360-degree view allows all aspects of the container to be analysed.

Typical Inspections:

  • Label presence.
  • Label integrity (faulty stuck labels, lifted or damaged    corners, creases…).
  • Superficial defects of the container.
  • Absolute and relative position of the labels, collar, medallion, tax label, etc.
  •  Inspection of defects on the cap, as breaks.
  • Identification and reading of different kinds of barcodes.
  • Identification and decoding of different kinds of 2D codes.

VisioLabelling Inspection Systems

This inspection system uses 1 or 2 cameras to format labels on oriented containers.  The advantages to this system include that it can be installed into existing labelling machines, it is able to be controlled through the use of remotes, and it has low maintenance costs.

Typical Inspections:

  • Label presence.
  • Turned-over-label.
  • Double labelling.
  • Localized wrinkles.
  • Sloped label.
  • Unsticked label.
  • Broken or up corners.
  • Right horizontal label positioning with small rotations oval edges.
  • Vertical alignment label, cap, seal, collar.
  • Label identification (capacity, language, product,).
  • Collar inclination.

VisioLevel Inspection Systems

This system is able to monitor the level of the contents within a container, as well as the security of the cap.  This system uses one camera and a back-light illumination system.  It is possible to be used for; wine and spirituous beverages, champagnes, whisky, liquors and beers, mineral water, juice and soda, dairy products, and olive and vinegar oils.

Typical Inspections:

  • Filling level:
    • Excess / lake / absence.
    • Algorithms to avoid the foam and wave effects.
  • Cap:
    • Cap absence.
    • Cap height (incorporation or wrong adaptability).
    • Thread integrity.
    • Wrong cap.

In addition to these inspection systems, we also provide multiple additional systems which can carry out different typical inspections.  For more information on how inspection systems can improve your line and for advice on which will be best for you, contact one of our experts here at Packserve, today.


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