Nov 25th 2019

How to Reduce the Amount of Manual Labour on Your Packaging Line

Reducing the amount of manual labour along your packaging line is effective for reducing costs and also for reducing the risk of error. This can ultimately improve you’re line, whilst increasing profits.  Replacing manual labour with robotics also takes the pressure away from relying on people who may have other priorities which could get in the way of them completing a job.  Reducing the amount of manpower on a line can be easily achieved through multiple different methods.

How to Reduce the Amount of Manual Labour on Your Line

Automation – Advances in technology and development of new styles of machinery allows many aspects of a production line to be automated. There are multiple benefits to automating as much as possible within the packing line, such as an increase in efficiency and an increase in reliability of the line. However, it can also reduce the requirement for as much manual labour along the line. With a greater automation, there are fewer elements relying on manpower.

Invest in high quality, modern machinery –  Going hand in hand with automating as much of your line as possible, it may also be beneficial to invest in new machinery to help you to achieve this. It may seem obvious, but the use of robotics in society is on the rise, so investing in modern equipment can be extremely helpful with reducing manpower from a packaging line. Though older machinery may work well enough, it’s unlikely to do as good of a job as newer alternatives. By swapping existing machinery out for new machinery, not only can a great deal of manpower can be saved, but also the efficiency of the line will be increased. Newer equipment needs less supervision and it can carry out a lot more complex tasks; many of these are things that older equipment generally relies on the use of manual labour for.

Cut down on the room for error– By reducing the amount of manual labour along a packaging line, it is likely you will be able to cut down on the human error and repetition of tasks that generates errors and mistakes. This is easily done by automating as much of the packing process as possible and by investing in an impressive packing system. With fewer problems to solve, manpower can be better utilised.

How Packserve Can Help You to Achieve Your Goal

Investing in new, modern technology is vital for reducing the amount of manpower used on your line, and ultimately driving down your costs in the long term. Here at Packserve, we offer a wide variety of machinery which is able to automate areas of your line which may have previously been ran through the use of manual labour.  A few examples of the machinery which we can offer includes:

  • Robotics
  • Artificial Vision Inspection Systems
  • End of Line Packaging machines

Regardless of what your specification may be or what your current line may look like, we can offer a solution which will be beneficial to the success of your line.  For more information, tailored to your specific circumstances, contact us today and speak to one of our experts.

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